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High standards.  Ours are high, very high. Some might say “impossibly" high. Others would say that they’re “stratospheric”. We don’t even stop there, because a point could be reached in the administrative evaluation of your translated official documents at which anything below “stratospheric” translation quality could have “catastrophic” consequences for you and (due to our significant legal liability under a sworn affidavit) — us.  Our prices therefore reflect this grave undertaking.  We invite you to consider the cost of your notarized translation not as an incidental expense, but rather as an important investment in your future.

Our wealth of experience in the subtleties of legal and administrative language, allied with a systematic approach to quality control, is your key to a trouble-free filing process. Our expertise, which has been sharpened through more than thirty years of translating practice and education, is not easily replicated. One of our bedrock principles is to translate only in those languages in which our management  is competent. This ensures that your translation will ably transmit the spirit and details of the original, speak intelligently to the well-tuned native ear and pass the most intense official scrutiny with flying colours.  The calibre of our document production process, spanning design, translation and layout, ensures that your translated documents will meet with ready acceptance, notably by Citizenship and Immigration Canada and the U.S. Department of Homeland Security Citizenship and Immigration Services.


Only originals will do. Most official bodies, including courts, universities and immigration services, will accept only originals or certified true copies of documents.  Not a few clients have come to us after having previously submitted translations made from PDFs or copies of originals and then had their translations rejected on filing.  Translators presented with copies have no way of knowing whether they are translating accurate information.  And their certifying a translation of a copy does little to persuade the receiving officials of the validity of the translation. To ensure that you encounter no such difficulties, we request that you bring us only the original or certified true copy of your document for translation.  We carefully store your original document in a special secure repository until we return it to you with your translation.    


The Affidavit of Translation Accuracy accompanying your translation is sworn and signed by our translator in the presence of a Notary Public or Commissioner for Oaths who then affixes his or her seal of office to the Affidavit, your original document and your translation. This procedure amply satisfies the certification requirements of the aforementioned organizations and attests to the strengths and acumen we bring to your work. We also offer ATIO certification for certain language pairs. Please enquire for details.

You pre-approve...  then you relax! Think of it in the same way as you do a fitting when purchasing a tailor-made garment.  Instead of anxiously glancing at your finalized translation after it has been notarized in an attempt to ascertain that it is perfect, you can, at your leisure, review a fully-edited draft beforehand.  This allows you to ask questions or make suggestions that you might hesitate to make after you receive the signed and sealed translation.  You pre-approve your translation by e-mail or in person.  The anticipation building in you as you travel to our offices to pick up the notarized translation that you have personally approved will turn into either quiet satisfaction or radiant joy (this depends on you) as soon as you have it in your hands.  This is peace of mind, worth its weight in gold. (If only you could weigh peace of mind!)





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Please remember to attach a copy of the document(s) you would like us to translate. If you would like to visit us, please call 613-238-2757 or e-mail us via the link below to set up an appointment. Our Albert Street offices are conveniently located in the heart of Ottawa's business district, two blocks from Parliament Hill and right across the street from the World Exchange Plaza.  If you live outside of Ottawa or abroad, we warmly invite your enquiry.


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 We kindly ask our new clients to provide a 50% deposit prior to commencement of translation.   Credit card or PayPal payments can be made online by clicking on the button below.  We also welcome payment by cheque or cash.






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